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Friday, December 25, 2020


mirthful is a synonym of jolly

adjective [ murth-fuhl ]

mirthful is another word for jolly

Someone who is jolly is lively or merry. The figure most associated with the adjective jolly may be Jolly Old Saint Nick, or Santa Claus, often depicted belly-laughing with a merry twinkle in his eye. Mirthful, on the other hand, evokes mischievousness rather than the hearty “ho, ho, ho” of jolly. Mirthful, while less common than jolly, may be used to describe one’s mood, smile, or laughter itself, all containing a hint of being entertained by some secret silliness.

Commonly found as

mirthful laughter
Before entering the boisterous party, they could hear mirthful laughter emanating from the main hallway.
mirthful mood
Thinking of the surprise he had planned for his brother, the usually somber man was in a more mirthful mood lately.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020


largess is a synonym of generosity

noun [ lahr-jes, lahr-jis ]

largess is another word for generosity

Generosity refers to a readiness or liberality in giving, and sometimes to an overall spirit of kindness. Another way to name generous giving, when it involves gifts or money, is with the noun largess. Largess can also refer to the gifts themselves. At the root of largess is the word "large," so one way to think about it is that those who show largess are characterized by the largeness of their contributions, monetary or otherwise. Most commonly, you will see largess used in the public works sense, denoting a sense of superiority or higher rank on the part of the one or ones bestowing it.

Commonly found as

government largess
Many organizations, including universities, depend on government largess to be able to operate.
benefit from largess
During the holidays, food banks benefit from the community’s largess, and can provide meals and small gifts for those in need.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


bauble is a synonym of trinket

noun [ baw-buhl ]

bauble is another word for trinket

We may be searching last minute for those trinkets to stuff a stocking with or to decorate our homes right now. A trinket is a small ornament or piece of jewelry, often of little value. When the trinket is showy or cheaply made, and typically round, it may be called a bauble. Bauble originally referred to the staff or scepter that a court jester carried, and later to something pleasing to a child, like a toy. Bauble can simply be used to refer to a small, spherical ornament that is hung from the branches of a Christmas tree. So gather your trinkets, doodads, gewgaws, trifles, and baubles, and start decorating!

Commonly found as

shiny bauble
Hanging from the snow queen’s ears were two bright, shiny baubles that reflected the falling snow.
decorate + bauble
For the holiday show, the crew decorated the trees with white lights and silver baubles.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar