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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


bauble is a synonym of trinket

noun [ baw-buhl ]

bauble is another word for trinket

We may be searching last minute for those trinkets to stuff a stocking with or to decorate our homes right now. A trinket is a small ornament or piece of jewelry, often of little value. When the trinket is showy or cheaply made, and typically round, it may be called a bauble. Bauble originally referred to the staff or scepter that a court jester carried, and later to something pleasing to a child, like a toy. Bauble can simply be used to refer to a small, spherical ornament that is hung from the branches of a Christmas tree. So gather your trinkets, doodads, gewgaws, trifles, and baubles, and start decorating!

Commonly found as

shiny bauble
Hanging from the snow queen’s ears were two bright, shiny baubles that reflected the falling snow.
decorate + bauble
For the holiday show, the crew decorated the trees with white lights and silver baubles.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020


partake is a synonym of share

verb [ pahr-teyk ]

partake is another word for share

To share is to have a share or part in something, divide it equally, or grant partial use of it. In the digital realm, share means to give specific users access to your online content. The verb partake also implies sharing (of an event, feeling, or experience—particularly a meal), but highlights the recipient and the taking (not giving) of something. Partake is a back formation from partaking, from the Middle English phrase “part taking,” meaning "taking part." If partaking of or in something sounds a little lofty, there's good reason! Partake is a very old word in English, first recorded in the middle of the 16th century.

Commonly found as

partake of
For her birthday, her co-workers gathered in the break room and partook of the celebratory cake. 
freely partake
The council members worked hard improving accessibility so that all citizens could freely partake in what the city has to offer.

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Monday, December 21, 2020


nippy is a synonym of cold

adjective [ nip-ee ]

nippy is another word for cold

Cold describes anything or anyone with a relatively low temperature. People can feel cold on a brisk and breezy day. Beverages can be cold, too, which is usually a good thing! Nippy does not work for people or beverages; this snappy adjective is usually used to describe chilly weather. This term entered English describing things that nip or bite, giving us the association of a sharp or biting cold. Like a nippy dog, a nippy wind may snap at your nose or fingers!

Commonly found as

nippy air
The runners were invigorated by the nippy air on their morning run.
a bit nippy
If you are planning on going outside today, wear a scarf, since it is a bit nippy!

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Synonym of the Day Calendar