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Thursday, March 04, 2021


insinuate is a synonym of suggest

verb [ in-sin-yoo-eyt ]

insinuate is another word for suggest

The verbs under discussion today come in handy when you want to say something without actually saying it—if you catch the drift. First, we’ll look at suggest: to suggest something is to bring it before a person’s mind without plain expression: I didn’t tell him to leave, I only suggested it! The synonym insinuate works on a less perceptible level. To insinuate something is to hint at it slyly or to instill or infuse it subtly or artfully, as into the mind. Insinuate connotes a degree of sneakiness or cunning that suggest does not, and it is especially used of ideas or accusations that one would not dare to say directly.

Commonly found as

dare + insinuate
After hearing her colleagues’ disparaging remarks, she turned to them and snapped, “How dare you insinuate that I’m lying!”
insinuate + doubt
The purpose of the misinformation campaign was to insinuate doubt through propaganda.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2021


indefatigable is a synonym of tireless

adjective [ in-di-fat-i-guh-buhl ]

indefatigable is another word for tireless

The adjective tireless usually describes people that never seem to tire or to have their strength reduced or exhausted by labor or exertion, e.g., She was a tireless worker. But if you’re looking to wake up your readers with a little lexical variety, indefatigable is a strong choice. Indefatigable is defined as “incapable of being tired out” or “not yielding to fatigue.” Just like tireless, indefatigable often describes people who seem to have an endless reserve of energy, strength, or patience (an indefatigable researcher who left no stone of knowledge unturned), but this term is also likely to be found describing qualities of such people, as in someone who tackles big challenges or daunting situations with an indefatigable spirit.

Commonly found as

indefatigable spirit
The entrepreneur’s indefatigable spirit and resourcefulness kept her company afloat in times of paucity.
seemingly indefatigable
He was seemingly indefatigable: after running twelve miles, he chopped wood all afternoon, and then went out dancing!

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Tuesday, March 02, 2021


idiosyncrasy is a synonym of quirk

noun [ id-ee-uh-sing-kruh-see, -sin- ]

idiosyncrasy is another word for quirk

A quirk is a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality. We usually use this term to discuss a minor, unimportant kind of oddity, e.g., Her one quirk was a habit of speaking to strangers in elevators. An idiosyncrasy is a characteristic, habit, or mannerism that is peculiar to an individual. This word emphasizes the person behind the behavior so much so that usually, when we talk about idiosyncrasies, we are talking about modes of behavior or ways of thinking that are so fundamentally associated with a particular person, they almost serve as identifying markers.

Commonly found as

stylistic idiosyncrasies
The author’s latest novel was full of stylistic idiosyncrasies that irritated editors but often delighted readers.
capture + idiosyncrasies
The film did a great job of capturing the artist’s many idiosyncrasies and shedding light on all the little things that made him who he was.

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