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eavesdrop is a synonym of listen

verb [ eevz-drop ]

eavesdrop is another word for listen

Lend us your ears, synonym sleuths, because today we expose the difference between the verbs listen and eavesdrop. To listen is to give attention with the ear, or to attend closely for the purpose of hearing. No surprises there. To eavesdrop is to listen secretly to a private conversation, a far stealthier proposition. But what on earth is an eave and why is it dropping? Eavesdrop is a back formation of the noun eavesdropper, a person who stands on the eavesdrop—the ground on which water from the eaves (the overhanging of a roof) falls—in order to listen to conversations inside the house.

Commonly found as

eavesdrop + conversation
The novelist liked to do her writing in a cafe, where she could eavesdrop on the conversations of other patrons.
illegally eavesdrop
The whistleblower leaked information that the agency had been illegally eavesdropping on leaders of other countries.

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accentuate is a synonym of emphasize

verb [ ak-sen-choo-eyt ]

accentuate is another word for emphasize

To emphasize something is to give importance to it or to lay stress upon it. If you emphasize a particular point in an argument, then you devote extra time or attention to it—or maybe you reiterate it several times—so as to convey its value or significance. The verb accentuate is very close in meaning, at least in terms of its definition. But it is used slightly differently: to accentuate something is to make it more visible or to draw attention to it. If a news story, for instance, accentuates the differences between two candidates for office, it makes those points of divergence very apparent. The shorter verb accent is the preferred term for when you’re talking about pronunciation, e.g., accent the first syllable of "into," or accent the first word of “White House.”

Commonly found as

accentuate the positive
He asked his former boss to be a reference in the hopes that she would accentuate the positive.
tend to accentuate
News coverage on the topic tended to accentuate the differences between people, rather than highlight the areas where people saw eye to eye.

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phenomenal is a synonym of extraordinary

adjective [ fi-nom-uh-nl ]

phenomenal is another word for extraordinary

Usually when we describe something as extraordinary, we mean it is uncommon and noteworthy. The adjective phenomenal is used in much the same way, but it conveys even more awe and wonder. Phenomenal is defined as “highly extraordinary or prodigious” or “exceptional.” The noun phenomenon, from which the adjective derives, refers to something that is impressive or extraordinary. It also refers to something (a fact, occurrence, or circumstance) that is observed or observable, a category that is sometimes contrasted with what is able to be known by way of reason. This, perhaps, sheds light on the unique texture of the adjective: something that is phenomenal is observably remarkable to the extent that it challenges reason, expectation, or belief.

Commonly found as

phenomenal success
The phenomenal success of the musical, which was a humorous retelling of an unremarkable chapter of U.S. history, came as a surprise to everyone.
absolutely phenomenal
The player's performance in the championship game was absolutely phenomenal.

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