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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

synonym for informed


adjective [ sav-ee ]

savvy is another word for informed

The straightforward adjective informed describes someone or something that has or is prepared with information or knowledge. An informed decision, for instance, is one that is made with relevant information taken into account. The adjective savvy is not so transparent. Someone who is savvy about something is experienced or knowledgable on that topic—you’re not going to get much by them (not that you should try!). Where informed emphasizes the presence of information, savvy emphasizes practical understanding and a familiarity that lends itself to shrewd maneuvering or strategic decision making. Now go forth, friends, and relish your synonym-savvy status!

Commonly found as

technologically savvy
It became apparent that the students were far more technologically savvy than the teacher, who always started his lessons with the mic turned off.
savvy consumer(s)
The marketing strategy targeted savvy consumers who had done their research and were unlikely to be swayed by a campaign full of social-media influencers.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

synonym for doubtful


adjective [ doo-bee-uhs, dyoo- ]

dubious is another word for doubtful

Brace yourselves, synonym seekers, because today's word pair takes us into iffy territory. The adjectives doubtful and dubious both deal with a lack of certainty. Doubtful is commonly used to describe things that are unlikely or improbable, e.g. It is doubtful that the event will take place without an audience. Dubious emphasizes suspicion, especially with regard to the quality or propriety of something. A dubious claim is one that should not be taken at face value. An action or argument that is described as morally dubious is perhaps not as high-minded or noble as it seems.

Commonly found as

dubious distinction
The state had the dubious distinction of being ranked first in dropout rates among high schoolers.
dubious at best
The evidence they presented for why she was an international spy was dubious at best.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

synonym for proper


adjective [ dek-er-uhs, dih-kawr-uhs, -kohr- ]

decorous is another word for proper

The adjectives proper and decorous are strong synonyms, but proper has many more meanings. Consider the difference between a proper (suitable) time to plant strawberries and proper (accurate) punctuation—this is just the tip of the semantic iceberg when it comes to what proper can convey. The adjective decorous is far less common and deals exclusively with what is considered socially acceptable or in good taste. Decorous is defined as “characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, or character,” and it emphasizes a careful respectfulness, as in one’s behavior or language.

Commonly found as

decorous manner
In the online forum, the superintendent addressed  concerns of parents and teachers in a decorous manner. 
dignified + decorous
The celebration was very dignified and decorous. It was a far cry from the wild, extravagant affair she had imagined.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar