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Sunday, February 14, 2021


smitten is a synonym of enamored

adjective [ smit-n ]

smitten is another word for enamored

Love is in the air when it comes to today’s lexical couple. Or more precisely, love is right there in their definitions! The first term, enamored, means simply “in love.” It is the past participle of the passionate verb enamor, “to fill or inflame with love.” Smitten means “very much in love.” It comes from the verb smite, “to afflict or affect” and also “to strike or hit.” It makes sense, then, to think of being smitten as being "struck" by love or—you guessed it!—lovestruck. As for the undertones of meaning: where enamored emphasizes admiration and appreciation, smitten skews more toward infatuation.

Commonly found as

instantly smitten
It was obvious to everyone at the party who had witnessed the introduction: she was instantly smitten with him.
smitten couple
The smitten couple enjoyed a stroll through the neighborhood holding hands. 

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Saturday, February 13, 2021


affable is a synonym of friendly

adjective [ af-uh-buhl ]

affable is another word for friendly

The adjective friendly gets a lot of use in English; it can describe individuals or groups that are helpful or welcoming (a friendly staff), or surroundings that are pleasant or conducive to a certain task (a friendly environment). Affable is more specific. This delightful descriptor is usually used of individuals who are easy to approach and talk to. A person with an affable demeanor puts others at ease or draws them in with their warmly polite and agreeable manner.

Commonly found as

affable demeanor
Despite her unfortunate name, Dr. Payne was good at getting her patients to feel comfortable because she had such an affable demeanor.
easygoing + affable
The yoga instructor was easygoing and affable, which seemed to help his students relax as they moved through rather difficult poses.

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Friday, February 12, 2021


forthright is a synonym of honest

adjective [ fawrth-rahyt, fohrth- ]

forthright is another word for honest

When we describe someone as honest, we usually mean they have no intent to deceive and can be trusted. When we call someone forthright, we usually mean they are direct and candid in their communication. The adjective forthright is defined as “going straight to the point” or “frank.” Someone who is forthright does not beat around the bush or withhold information; they get to the heart of matters without hesitation. Forthright is similar to the adjective forthcoming, which is defined as “frank and cooperative,” but which implies slightly more agreeability or the divulgence of a larger amount of information. The common link, the directional adverb forth, means “onward” or “forward.”

Commonly found as

forthright manner
The publicist advised the CEO to address the controversy in a very forthright manner, urging her to address any pertinent and potentially damaging information head on.
refreshingly forthright
The celebrity was refreshingly forthright about the mistakes he'd made in the past.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar