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Monday, March 01, 2021

synonym for notify


verb [ uh-prahyz ]

apprise is another word for notify

The verbs notify and apprise are close in meaning—they both deal with conveying information—but there are a few differences in how they are used. Notify is more likely to be used of information that needs to be formally addressed or acted on. The DMV might notify you that your driver's license is about to expire, for instance. Apprise, which is defined as “to give notice to” or “to advise,” is very often used to talk about keeping someone up to date on information that is of interest to them, or, in other words, keeping them in the loop. This verb appears most frequently in passive constructions, so while it’s perfectly appropriate to say “Julie apprised Joe of the matter,” you’re far more likely to encounter it in a pattern resembling this: “Joe asked Julie to keep him apprised of the matter.”

Commonly found as

keep + apprised
The diplomat asked his aides to keep him apprised of the potentially volatile situation.
fully apprised
The attorney kept his client fully apprised of all developments pertaining to the case.

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Synonym of the day

Sunday, February 28, 2021

synonym for disaster


noun [ kuh-lam-i-tee ]

calamity is another word for disaster

The nouns disaster and calamity both refer to adverse happenings, especially ones that are sudden and unexpected. A disaster is an event that causes great loss of life, damage, or hardship, such as a flood, airplane crash, or business failure. A calamity is a great misfortune or disaster, but this term emphasizes the grief or sorrow caused by such an event. Calamity is also used to refer to misery itself, or a state of pain and distress, as in “a year of calamity.”

Commonly found as

calamity + befall
She began volunteering at the food bank after a series calamities befell her family and put the need for community-based support into sharp focus.
avert + calamity
The leader argued that international cooperation and collaboration was necessary to avert a dreadful calamity.

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Synonym of the day

Saturday, February 27, 2021

synonym for listen


verb [ eevz-drop ]

eavesdrop is another word for listen

Lend us your ears, synonym sleuths, because today we expose the difference between the verbs listen and eavesdrop. To listen is to give attention with the ear, or to attend closely for the purpose of hearing. No surprises there. To eavesdrop is to listen secretly to a private conversation, a far stealthier proposition. But what on earth is an eave and why is it dropping? Eavesdrop is a back formation of the noun eavesdropper, a person who stands on the eavesdrop—the ground on which water from the eaves (the overhanging of a roof) falls—in order to listen to conversations inside the house.

Commonly found as

eavesdrop + conversation
The novelist liked to do her writing in a cafe, where she could eavesdrop on the conversations of other patrons.
illegally eavesdrop
The whistleblower leaked information that the agency had been illegally eavesdropping on leaders of other countries.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar