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feat is a synonym of achievement

noun [ feet ]

feat is another word for achievement

Achievement refers to a noteworthy or important accomplishment (The high grade was a real achievement).

Feat refers to a particularly difficult accomplishment, often a physical one, that requires a lot of skill or strength (The climb up the mountain was a feat of endurance).

Achievement emphasizes the hard work that has gone into the accomplishment (The award recognized her enormous achievement).

Feat emphasizes the difficulty of what’s been done, often suggesting that it had a small chance of success, or that it may not be reproducible (Getting the cat calmly into the carrier was a feat).

✅ An achievement isn’t usually surprising, but a feat often is.

Try describing a feat you’d like to achieve, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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irregular is a synonym of abnormal

adjective [ ih-reg-yuh-ler ]

irregular is another word for abnormal

Abnormal describes something strange, almost always implying that that strangeness is bad (an abnormal light in the sky).

Irregular describes something that is different from what is usual, and because of that, it’s worthy of note (A visitor this late at night is very irregular).

Abnormal is almost always negative, except when it’s being used in a redemptive way (I like to seem strange and abnormal).

Irregular can be used negatively, but is often used to suggest that the strange thing is just strange, not that the strangeness is bad or should be stopped (His request was irregular). Irregular used in this way can often sound old-fashioned.

You’ll find a lot of strange things in these irregular synonyms.

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remorse is a synonym of regret

noun [ ri-mawrs ]

remorse is another word for regret

Regret refers to a feeling of sadness or guilt relating to something you have or haven’t done (I have regret for not buying ice cream).

Remorse refers to a feeling of guilt relating to your past actions, where your conscience leads you to want to make up for what you’ve done (I was filled with remorse over what I said).

Regret and remorse both imply that if you could change your past actions, you would (I feel regret about agreeing to host the party; I felt remorse over leaving).

Remorse adds an element of trying to make things better (His apology suggested the depth of his remorse).

You won’t regret checking out these synonyms for remorse.

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