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noun as in spirit of the time

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Podcasts are a growing market, and Spotify is betting that podcasters capturing the zeitgeist will help grow its subscriber base.

From Time

I think that’s what at least the broader industry marketing zeitgeist had been.

Given the zeitgeist, if any of these current bills fail, there are surely more to come.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is on her way out the door, and it’s anyone’s guess what comes next in the zeitgeist there.

From Time

If acting is 90 percent listening, here were two consummate pros, exquisitely attuned to what surrounded them, from their co-stars to their zeitgeist.

Doug [Ellin] is a genius at capturing the zeitgeist, and I think Entourage was very prophetic.

It was only a matter of time before meatier critical journalism began to pick up on the butthole zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist novels tend to fall in one of three categories, none of which have anything to do with the quality of the work itself.

A must read for anyone who wishes to understand the zeitgeist of those early days.

We now have to make it more salacious by adding in some sort of zeitgeist-y pop culture reference to social media and blogging.

The authors and thinkers themselves have been the first to feel the Zeitgeist.

Have the Zeitgeist and the Weltschmerz and the other things compared to which ‘le spleen’ was gay, done so much for us?

It is easy to overestimate the influence of any single man, and, contrariwise, to underestimate the power of the Zeitgeist.

And this active province of Béarn kept pace; it opened quickly to the new influences, was alive to the changing zeitgeist.

It is the Zeitgeist; when we have conquered, with their help, we shall teach them the real lesson of Christianity!


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