Antonyms for zeitgeist

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Where should I go for tea and for news of the workings of the Zeitgeist?'

All this was but a part and parcel of the times—an index of the Zeitgeist.

The authors and thinkers themselves have been the first to feel the Zeitgeist.

That the young are the only bridge to the promised land of the zeitgeist of capitalism.

The new era or Zeitgeist is putting its stamp on all its peoples.

Zeitgeist: The things that everybody believes, but that nobody understands.

The Zeitgeist (the Spirit of the Time) resided in, was personified in, and radiated from him.

Well, the Zeitgeist was descending upon Polchester, and Ronder was its agent.

I'll not quote the Latin—it would be classic, and to be classic is against the regulations of the Zeitgeist.

The pamphlets, periodicals, and books are the crystals wherein the Zeitgeist of the 18th century is preserved.