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The Republicans are not as weak and in disarray as some wishful thinkers among the political commentary class seem to think.

It also misses the point that coddling efforts to place wishful thinking over reality has ripple effects.

“That’s wishful thinking,” said lawyer Patrick McSweeney, who represents five residents challenging Northam’s action.

In wishful anticipation for passage of The Honest Ads Act, MediaMath built a database that would have made information publicly available about audience targeting, the amount spent on an ad and who funded it.

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Thoughts like “We’ll handle it when it happens,” or “This is only temporary, and things will get back to normal soon,” are common examples of wishful thinking.

Our quest for better leaders—“Change we can believe in”— is wishful thinking.

Dear White People is a conversation about racism not buried under wishful thinking.

But the idea he is going to attract droves of non-traditional Republican supporters is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Sometimes the wishful thinking was done by well-known individuals—the Dalai Lama and Ralph Bunche.

At least 65 Peace Prizes have been awarded for wishful thinking.

More wishful beseeching must surely have softened a Deity with a sunburned nose and a double chin!

He was kind, was this parson, and sweetly wishful for the goodness and welfare of all the erring sons and daughters of men.

I can tell that Emily is wishful to pass through this structure.

In a little while it leaks out why he's so generous with his promises and so wishful to see us enrolled beneath his noble banner.

I did not quit it without kissing the very earth and trees, casting back many a wishful look as I went towards Chambery.


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