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So the weak force may sound wimpy, but it causes the sun and all other stars to shine.

Soundbars offer a simple way to upgrade the wimpy sound your TV pumps out of its relatively tiny speakers.

Although his creation might be more dangerous than the original mouse-adapted virus he’d used as a backbone, it was still wimpy compared with SARS—certainly not the supervirus Senator Paul would later suggest.

In one episode, a wimpy male character is married off to a female Viking warrior about a foot taller than he is.

Nor am I one of those pathetic “men” too wimpy to handle the grit of parenthood.

Muscular atheism has arrived; “left behind is the idealized vision of wimpy, effete philosophers.”

But in each of these cases, the moves were defensive and wimpy, aimed at preserving eroding positions and not getting hurt.

Well-trained men with thermal-vision goggles and high powered rifles couldn't handle a few wimpy little deer.

The Hollywood Reporter: “Oz the Wimpy and Weak would be more like it.”

Well, when Wimpy and Goldy looked out the windows and saw what was coming, it was all off.


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