Thesaurus / well endowed


He was of the same world and tradition as herself, well endowed, a scholar and a gentleman.

Lady Merton, ColonistMrs. Humphry Ward

She had fine talents, a splendid education, and was well endowed for any station in which destiny could have placed her.

Sybil ChaseAnn S. Stephens

Such assortative mating means that the offspring will usually be well endowed with a talent.

Applied EugenicsPaul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson

Maurice Sellon was constitutionally as far from being a coward as the average Englishman, well endowed with thews, habitually is.

Can any other instance be cited of an art so well endowed entirely suppressing what we should call the civil element of life?

The bride was said to be well endowed, but she was extremely plain.

Home Life in GermanyMrs. Alfred Sidgwick

She was well endowed, inheriting much of his property, even to his papers, etc.

John ForsterPercy Hethrington Fitzgerald

He was fond of feminine companions, especially when they were well endowed with personal attractions.

The man of confidence, the man of resource, is well endowed for flying.

Learning to FlyClaude Grahame-White

Derbyshire is well endowed in point of rock scenery, but it is not really a climber's country.

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