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The situation was so dire that the family of the patient had been told to expect she would remain in an irreversible vegetative state.

Disorders of consciousness are a common consequence of severe brain injury and include comas and vegetative states.

In a landmark study in 2006, a team of researchers showed that a 23-year-old woman, who suffered severe brain trauma and was thought to be in a vegetative state following a traffic accident, had signs of awareness.

People who are in a coma or vegetative state are thought to have no internal experience, like seeing or hearing.

Still a graduate student, I had begun co-conducting the first clinical trial using ultrasound to treat severe brain damage in patients with a “disorder of consciousness,” like coma or the vegetative state.

Terri Schiavo, on the other hand, was in a vegetative state.

“So settled, so still, so serene / Completely vegetative, cumcumbive, or potative, non-communicative, and green …” Bonkers.

The doctors told her to get busy and find a nursing home, as the prognosis was “a vegetative state at best.”

While not brain-dead, the 81 year old exists in a persistent vegetative state.

From the animal soul there likewise issued a splendor, which produced the vegetative soul.

From the vegetative soul proceeds again a splendor, from which is made the sphere (the heaven).

Next to the soul comes the Sphere (the heaven), which arises in the horizon and shadow of the vegetative soul.

Hence the splendor of the vegetative soul is undoubtedly brighter than that of the sphere, which comes from its shadow.

Thus we are told that the soul consists of three powers, or three souls, the vegetative, the animal and the rational.


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