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As climate change makes those sources more unreliable, municipalities like the city of San Diego are trying to develop their own resources by repurposing wastewater.

Considering the fact that self reporting—the only way we have to determine these statistics—is unreliable, that number is probably far higher.

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NYC Mesh then distributes the bandwidth wirelessly, giving new internet access options to people who live where the ISP’s service doesn’t reach or is unreliable.

A signal requires detail and structure, and any attempt to send a detailed signal will always be faster sent through the air than through an unreliable barrier.

In developing countries, meanwhile, systems have been tweaked to accommodate unreliable electricity supplies and small budgets.

Move too soon and consumers may ignore an overpriced or unreliable product.

Europe’s largest bank is a possible candidate for China’s “unreliable entity list” that aims to punish firms, organizations or individuals that damage national security, the Communist Party’s Global Times newspaper reported Saturday.

2 new reports push HSBC stock below its 2009 lowClaire Zillman, reporterSeptember 21, 2020Fortune

Troubled by homelessness, the divide between rich and poor, and threats to progress like a small airport and an unreliable water supply.

Only a few internet service providers service the area, and internet connections can be spotty and unreliable.

These gave the horse the reputation of capriciousness and unreliability.

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opposites of unreliability

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.