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noun as in fallibility

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As climate change makes those sources more unreliable, municipalities like the city of San Diego are trying to develop their own resources by repurposing wastewater.

Considering the fact that self reporting—the only way we have to determine these statistics—is unreliable, that number is probably far higher.

NYC Mesh then distributes the bandwidth wirelessly, giving new internet access options to people who live where the ISP’s service doesn’t reach or is unreliable.

A signal requires detail and structure, and any attempt to send a detailed signal will always be faster sent through the air than through an unreliable barrier.

In developing countries, meanwhile, systems have been tweaked to accommodate unreliable electricity supplies and small budgets.

Tom LeClair on a confusing mix of neuroscience, George W. Bush, and unreliability.

With all the caveats I provided above about the extreme unreliability of these estimates, I agree with this series of statements.

The 2012 unilateral operation against bin Laden was the right call given the unreliability of our Pakistani ally.

Private employers complain of scarcity and the unreliability of the unskilled labourer.

He had had bitter experience of the cruelty and unreliability of the Indians in 1779 but had to go with them in 1780.

These gave the horse the reputation of capriciousness and unreliability.

This was one objection to it—its unreliability and consequent possible injustice.

The chief faults of the rim-fire cartridges are danger and unreliability caused by the action of heat on the lubricant.


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