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Their alternative is to reward two politicians conspiring to groundlessly undermine faith in American democracy.GEORGIA’S RECOUNT REVEALED NO FRAUD — AND JUST HOW UNFIT LOEFFLER AND PERDUE REALLY AREEDITORIAL BOARDNOVEMBER 20, 2020WASHINGTON POST
As he tottered to a waiting SUV, the former mayor was asked whether his stunts are undermining an election that, by all serious accounts, was fair and accurate.RUDY GIULIANI’S POST-ELECTION MELTDOWN STARTS TO BECOME LITERALDAN ZAK, JOSH DAWSEYNOVEMBER 20, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, environmental protection laws have been severely undermined.ASIA’S BIGGEST CLIMATE MIGRATIONKONSTANTIN KAKAESNOVEMBER 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
His face stiffened, as if the world should have known that any pain medication would undermine the central project of his time on earth.WHAT’S WRONG WITH JEB’S BRAIN?DANIEL DUANENOVEMBER 18, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
Together, both directives in the order effectively rewrite the GAOA and undermine the authority of Congress.DOI HARMS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONS UNTIL THE ENDWES SILERNOVEMBER 17, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
Said BuzzFeed’s Silverman, “The results aren’t going to be certified in a lot of the key states until later in November, so we could really continue to have weeks of complete ridiculousness and dangerous, democracy-undermining disinformation.”AMERICANS WERE PRIMED TO BELIEVE THE CURRENT ONSLAUGHT OF DISINFORMATIONKALEIGH ROGERSNOVEMBER 12, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
If the economic downturn proves lengthy, mounting losses could even undermine financial stability, according to some Federal Reserve officials, economists and credit analysts.MOUNTING COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOSSES THREATEN BANKS, RECOVERYDAVID LYNCHNOVEMBER 11, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Such a body could set a precondition that its members do not create a fictional universe and undermine the political system because they are too cowardly to stand up to a man-baby’s temper tantrum.THE ELECTION CAN’T BE ‘STOLEN.’ BUT SOMETHING WORSE IS HAPPENING.JENNIFER RUBINNOVEMBER 11, 2020WASHINGTON POST
One might have expected a failure of this magnitude to have undermined trust in the space program, in the country, and in the President.PETE BUTTIGIEG: AMERICANS’ TRUST IN THE PRESIDENCY CAN AND WILL BE REBUILTJAKEMETHNOVEMBER 10, 2020FORTUNE
That’s after the national government warned on Wednesday that the mutated mink-borne version could not only be a health risk to humans, but that these infections could undermine larger, global efforts to create an effective vaccine.DENMARK IS CULLING MILLIONS OF FURRY MINKS TO EXTINGUISH A WORRYING COVID-19 OUTBREAKKDUNN6NOVEMBER 5, 2020FORTUNE


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


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