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The idea of tracing the possible mechanism involved in these transitions has scarcely arisen.

The reason passes, like the heart, through certain epochs and transitions, but its development is not so often portrayed.

The Philosophical LettersFriedrich Schiller

The transitions of the thermometer are from 100° to 40° in two days, and the torrents of rain are surprising.

Emotion is inarticulate, yet there is a mighty movement in it, and a great complexity of transitions and shades.

He relegates all mention of elastic bank-credit to "transitions."

The Value of MoneyBenjamin M. Anderson, Jr.

They note the transitions of costume which came at the approach of the close of the century.

The connections and transitions come to us from point to point as being progressive, harmonious, satisfactory.

All transitions between these two stages are likewise met with.

Stevens was startled with the suddenness of these transitions.

CharlemontW. Gilmore Simms

The explanation of the combinations and transitions of beauty.

BeautyAlexander Walker

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