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For some scenes a pho-tog-ra-pher's screens were used for a back-ground.

Phytography, fī-tog′raf-i, n. the department of botany relating to the particular description of species of plants.

Polyautography, pol-i-aw-tog′ra-fi, n. the art of multiplying copies of one's own handwriting.

Say, did you fellows stop to tog up before you came to the fire?

Poens daret4 utrum vellet succlmantibus, Fabius, excuss5 tog, bellum s dare dcit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for tog?

Tog is an informal word for a coat.

The plural form togs is used to refer to clothes in general. Similarly informal words for clothing include threads and duds.

Tog can also be used as a verb: tog up and tog out mean to dress (oneself), especially to dress up.

Where does tog come from?

Tog comes from a shortening of togeman(s), a slang word for “cloak” or “coat.” The first part of the word ultimately comes from the Latin word toga, but the origin of the ending is uncertain.

How do you use tog in a sentence?

Tog is informal. It’s most commonly used in the plural togs, an informal word for clothes.

Here are some examples of tog in a sentence:

  • Grab your tog, we’re going out! 
  • Fancy togs! You must have somewhere to go.  
  • I got all togged up for the party.

On this page you'll find 51 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to tog, such as: apparel, attire, clothes, clothing, costume, and covering.

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