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Vice Media, the millennial-focused digital media company, announced plans a month later to buy Refinery29, which targets young women.

The realization that CRISPR could be programmed to target any piece of DNA allowed it to be transformed into a genome-editing platform with limitless utility.

After trading for Chris Paul, the Suns clearly targeted Smith to balance out a frontcourt rotation lacking in interior physicality.

Most of the time, they make apprehensions without resistance — and oftentimes their targets are armed.

The collaborations aim to identify strategies to advance the need to collect race, ethnicity, and other health disparities and equity measures and produce targeted equity dashboards in collaboration with employers, health plans, and health systems.

Therefore, marketplaces such as Group Nines’s are becoming more and more popular options for brands to hit their target demographics in the fourth quarter and into 2021.

This also allows Reuters to keep its events global while still targeting specific countries and regions.

Cohorts of consumers with similar interests in a specific topic or product can be shown advertisements that relate to that entire group, moving away using personal data for targeting.

Beijing has set a target for EV sales to account for half the market in 2035, and China’s domestic manufacturers are all seeking to lead the pack.

Weighting surveys to be representative of the target population could improve accuracy, but picking which weights depends on assumptions that don’t always hold.

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