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suspended animation

noun as in temporary slowdown of functions

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Example Sentences

When conditions get tough, some tiny animals enter suspended animation and wait it out.

Scientists have long worried about the potential for massive amounts of carbon being released by northern permafrost, where ancient plant remains lie in a kind of suspended animation beneath the surface.

After freezing Hypsibius dujardini tardigrades to put them in a state of suspended animation, Traspas Muiña and planetary scientist Mark Burchell of the University of Kent in England loaded the dormant water bears into nylon bullets.

In a state akin to suspended animation, the squirrels breathe just once a minute, and their hearts beat five times per minute.

The treacherously cold water can actually send a person into a state of suspended animation.

As for Ready for Hillary, it now survives in a sort of suspended animation.

Wananda did not kill her, but placed her in suspended animation within the protective crystal plastic.

There was but one creature, and he was lying perfectly still, either in a state of suspended animation or else of death.

As far as Bart knew, no human being had ever survived warp-drive except in the suspended animation which they called cold-sleep.

The policemen shivered out of their state of suspended animation.

In cases of suspended animation from hanging, the assistance must be prompt and energetic.


On this page you'll find 7 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to suspended animation, such as: cryonics, deathlike state, deep-freezing, freeze-drying, motionlessness, and suspension.

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