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The SMART Lab researches and develops new technologies to make American infrastructure “intelligent,” safer, and more cost-effective.
According to the CPSC, the issue relates specifically to the use of incorrect screws during the smart doorbell’s installation.
The Titans and Bears are still smarting from tough losses in Week 8.
Google's voice recognition means it understands most of the questions you ask it, and the Google Maps-powered navigation app is smart enough to know your battery state of charge so it can direct you to charging if needed en route.
We need both male and female allies with check-writing abilities to see investments in women not as a statistic to increase, but as smart business—one that’s good for men, women, and our health care system.
They’re afraid to promote somebody that’s smarter than them, because maybe they’ll take their job.
While America remains gripped with the uncertainty of a marathon vote count, the world cannot help but gawk—and, this being the social media age, deliver some smart-aleck cracks at the expense of the world’s No.
For years, policymakers have been talking about smart grids that combine smart meters and advanced energy management software to better balance supply and demand and allow smaller generators to feed excess capacity back into the grid.
The San Diego Police Department stopped using the city’s smart streetlights last month, but the cameras are still on — and still recording.
Facebook opened up so many different ways of thinking about running a smart digital program.


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