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A chrome-plated steel nib writes smoothly and holds its shape for years.
We quickly realized that indexing problems come in all possible shapes and sizes.
It is only connected to the collection of shapes and sounds that make up the word tree because we have all agreed that it is.
One of Howell’s own studies, she and her team reported online in August in mSphere, suggests that fungal species in particular shape the metabolites — and thus aroma and flavor — in wine from different growing regions in Australia.
I think it helped us connect, not to compare struggles, they’re all different, but to connect with a lot of different people who are in that struggle for belonging in some way, shape or form.
Then you could answer more batches of questions, with each set dealing with just one shape.
This will help you arrive at an ideal size, shape, thickness, and handle configuration.
These scholars say our political system is in bad shape because the parties have gotten weaker over time.
To get around these problems, the team has been working on algorithms that use “characteristic shapes” of electrical patterns that look like spikes to efficiently identify individual neural firings.
Based on an estimated total of 157 stones placed at the site around 4,200 years ago, the researchers 3-D printed 27 stones of all sizes and shapes.


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