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In the midst of this generosity, the services of Geta and Milza were not forgotten.

I can only say that if my services are required I shall be found ready and willing.

I can bear witness to the value of her services in South Carolina and Florida.

In the afternoon, services were held in the chapel downstairs.

The services of the priest had then to be dispensed with for weeks, even months, at a time.

Are they not then doubly officious in their respects and services to you?

The North is every year less and less in need of his services.

The meeting-house was filled long before the services did begin.

This family fiction was the family assertion of itself against her services.

Amongst other services the monks rendered was the cultivation of learning and knowledge.


c.1100, "celebration of public worship," from Old French servise "act of homage; servitude; service at table; Mass, church ceremony," from Latin servitium "slavery, condition of a slave, servitude," also "slaves collectively," from servus "slave" (see serve (v.)).

Meaning "act of serving, occupation of an attendant servant" is attested from c.1200, as is that of "assistance, help; a helpful act." From c.1300 as "provision of food; sequence of dishes served in a meal;" from late 14c. as "service at table, attendance during a meal." Meaning "the furniture of the table" (tea service, etc.) is from mid-15c.

Meanings "state of being bound to undertake tasks for someone or at someone's direction; labor performed or undertaken for another" are mid-13c. Sense of "service or employment in a court or administration" is from c.1300, as is that of "military service (especially by a knight); employment as a soldier;" hence "the military as an occupation" (1706).

Also in Middle English "sexual intercourse, conjugal relations" (mid-15c.; service of Venus, or flesh's service). Service industry (as distinct from production) attested from 1938. A service station originally was a gas stop that also repaired cars.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.