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The urban crisis fell hardest on Northern and Midwestern inner cities, which due to decades of segregationist housing policy, were mostly inhabited by people of color.

They don’t follow the segregationist policy of ZIP code attendance that teachers unions have fought to protect.

His purpose was to demonstrate the absurdity of the blood bank’s segregationist policies.

The book describes how the Kennedys worked with local Democratic power brokers, such as Georgia’s governor, Ernest Vandiver, to pressure Oscar Mitchell, the segregationist judge in the case, into releasing King.

Ardent segregationists successfully deployed the latter argument during months of debate over education legislation and the possibility of falling behind the Soviets after Sputnik’s launch.

The first, Spiro Agnew, won in 1966 as the liberal running against a segregationist Democrat.

One of those senators, Harry F. Byrd Jr., was a thoroughgoing segregationist.

He chastises Israel for segregationist policies but it is his one-nation allies that hinder integration efforts.

Segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace ran as a populist in the American Independent Party in 1968.

He couldn't cut it on the national stage, either: George Wallace denied him a spot on his segregationist ticket in 1968.

He is an old-guard segregationist that he learned from the Texans you know that the colored man is just a flunky.

And250 this is another reason why Oswald and Bouhe fought so bitterly, because Bouhe is a segregationist.


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