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true believer

noun as in confessor

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The question is less whether she’s a true believer in what she’s selling—she is—than how far she’s willing to go to prove her theories.

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They’ve focused the minds of countless fellow evangelicals on the coming End Times, the subsequent Rapture of true believers into Heaven, and the ensuing battle against the Antichrist back home on earth.

So they want to just move on from “the evidence of their eyes and ears” and focus on the mid-term election, as if their true believers hadn’t just violently fought their defeat in the last election.

Beyond its limited potential to sway true believers, focusing too much on Q’s identity means skirting the harder questions.

In 1954, a small group of conspiracy theorists were convinced a great flood would arrive and destroy much of the United States, but not before the true believers were rescued by an alien spaceship.

After Trevor-Roper told me Hitler was a true believer, he thought he was doing good, I went up to Oxford to see Bullock.

For the true believer, they could be shrine, classroom, community center and encounter session all rolled into one.

They can do this, because she is a true believer: the personal is professional.

Whatever happens, Boeing finds itself in a lonely place as a true believer in the technology.

Ahmadinejad has more than a little of this true-believer faith; his boss, the Supreme Leader Ali Khameini, has much less of it.

Not one-third of mankind are professing Christians to-day, and of those not one in ten is a true Christian and a true believer.

The allegory expressed by the disgusting actions of the order would seem to be that anything is nourishment to the true believer.

Not one true believer whom the flesh does not again and again incite to impatience, anger, pride.

To use force against a dervish would be looked upon as an exceedingly unpropitious affair to the true believer.

He is the martyr, the true believer, "the red-blooded loyal American" with "my country right or wrong."


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