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The nectar is a sugary snack that wild cotton secretes whenever it’s eaten in exchange for the bodyguard services of particularly aggressive ant species.

After about a month, the cells would begin to secrete a substance similar to breast milk.

Upward of 85 percent of the kids who ate batteries ingested the button variety, which tend to be easy to fit in one’s mouth but can lodge in a kid’s throat and secrete toxic compounds.

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To defend itself, this toad secretes a poison from glands on its neck and back.

Beyond the difficulties created by their sheer numbers and diversity, bacteria constantly secrete compounds that change the environment both for them and for everything around them.

President Rhee resigned soon thereafter and was secreted out of the country to Hawaii by the American CIA.

Citing two specific studies, the authors suggest that a “high concentration of the virus is secreted on the skin of the dead.”

Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells that is key to maintaining energy balance in the body.

Jeanne's body, secreted away, was only later reburied next to his, in Père Lachaise.

The anthrax powder is secreted in a small watertight container that easily passes inspection at JFK.

It is secreted by the gastric glands, and is transformed into pepsin by the action of a free acid.

Human milk is sterile when secreted, but derives a few bacteria from the lacteal ducts.

Secreted in the fastnesses of the hills, and tenderly cared for by his wife, he nursed his wounds and thirsted for revenge.

Young Glory assisted in covering Dan up, and this done, he threw off the hat and cloak he was wearing, and secreted them.

It was a wonderful talisman, secreted—I fancied in the dream—by the goddess of the Social Revolution.


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