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noun as in gravel

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noun as in testes

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You’ll also want to have rock-solid commands that will make them come to your side immediately, stop what they’re doing, and drop animals and objects they’ve picked up, Perry says.

Suppose you knew there was a 10 percent chance your opponent would play rock, a 10 percent chance they’d play paper and an 80 percent chance they’d play scissors.

For example, if you knew there was a 40 percent chance your opponent would play rock, a 40 percent chance they’d play paper and a 20 percent chance they’d play scissors, then your best bet would still be to play paper.

Once a rock-ribbed red state, California’s politics were shifting leftward toward progressivism.

The main job of the Perseverance rover, set to launch between July 20 and August 11, is to pick out rocks that might preserve signs of past life and store the samples for a future mission back to Earth.

Some brought rocks and bricks, intent on clashing with the police.

One of the rocks hit Krystyn Atwood, a black girl, and another hit Emily Harr, a white girl.

Thirty-two people died when he ran his ship onto the rocks off Tuscany in 2012.

“Otherwise, we go on the rocks,” he can be heard saying in English.

When the ship hit the rocks, the sound of bells ringing and alarms sounding echoed in the theater.

Why not have sought out the pure white lime-rocks of the flat country, or the grey granite of the hills?

Ripperda's equipage wound down a long and twisting defile between two precipitous rocks.

A volley did sound, and instantly; but it came from the rocks above, and three of the villains fell.

A few small rocks of some soft stone may be added, and in between these the Ferns are planted.

The last time I tried it, I caught the end of my stick between two rocks and it broke.


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