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noun as in agitation

noun as in convulsion

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Example Sentences

As we just said, when your opponent played rock or paper, you should play paper.

Walking around on the surface of the Earth every day, it’s easy to forget that a superhot pool of melted rock lies deep beneath our feet.

Most suspect the balls form when airborne moss spores gain a foothold on a small rock or similar debris.

The instruments will seek signs of ancient microbes preserved in Martian rocks and soil, and help scientists decide which rocks to store for a future mission to return to Earth.

The fossil was pulled from roughly 110 million-year-old rocks in Alberta, Canada.

And think of world-rocking changes in gender roles and expectations.

For other worlds, we usually have to rely on other data: fluctuations in gravity, or the gentle rocking motion known as libration.

The involvement of Huda-Par and the Grey Wolves in the violence rocking the southeast augurs badly.

The horseman, aka Abraham, is actually passably cute, with a rocking bod and apparently steady source of income.

The mattress causes the boat to tip forward, and in the ensuing rocking the boat begins to take on water.

Mr. Crow was rocking back and forth on his perch, for a joke—on anybody except himself—always delighted him.

There was a very audible titter in the corner where three thoughtless young girls had squeezed themselves into one rocking-chair.

By this time the bent figure sitting in the rocking-chair, near the coffin began to show signs of life and whimper a little.

"It's curious how attached one gets to a dog," said Perry sagely, resuming his rocking from heel to toe and toe to heel.

There was a lump in Perry's throat at that moment, and he stopped his rocking and turned to the fire, so his back was toward me.


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