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noun as in entourage

noun as in followers

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Given this Germanic cultural affination for direct combat, we can certainly theorize how the comitatus and household retinues of the chieftains and warlords flaunted their high-quality weapons and armor.

By 1315 AD, the numbers of Mamluks in Egypt rose exponentially to 24,000 men – but more than half of them came from the retinues of the amirs.

Such claims, as well as the seething tone with which Putin delivered them, have come in the past from the most infamous paranoiac in his retinue, the security chief Nikolai Patrushev.

From Time

And so, the horned god became Satan—and others in his demonic retinue.

Shaving: the most boring, tedious thing a man must do in his little retinue of personal upkeep chores.

First charged with “piracy,” each member of the retinue now faces seven years in jail if found guilty of “hooliganism.”

And then his retinue of friends and spiritual advisors arrived, and he floated away on a cloud of "insiderdom" and "privilege."

There is a usually a retinue of “reliable” Mohalells in each pious community.

When the Begum and the moulvie departed for Lucknow they were accompanied by nearly the whole of their retinue.

Well, her father established Peggy in a big house in St. James's—huge retinue of servants and so forth.

Gazing toward the Distance, the Wazir saw the Princess and her retinue nearing their destination.

The past has come down to us cloaked and shrouded, and attended by its decorous retinue of mutes and bearers.

His guardsmen trotted alongside while the rest of his retinue mounted and followed as best they could.


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