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adjective as in pent-up

adjective as in silenced

adjective as in smothered

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adjective as in subconscious

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Freud thought dreams were our subconscious showing us our repressed wishes.

For whatever repressed childhood reason, a wave of guilt washes over me when uneaten food goes into the trash.

Those making the case for reparations invariably uphold themselves as a historically repressed minority deserving of reparations.

From Time

Hongmei’s trauma helps explain her venting to the strange man — she’s been trained to think of every misstep as a regret, and it’s easier to share so many repressed secrets with a stranger than with her husband.

Judge Frollo’s actions are ruled by his own repressed sexual desires, which grow until they render him desperate and diabolical.

From Vox

But perhaps even more interesting is the type of user-generated content coming from areas of the country some consider repressed.

And yet, collectively our culture is still repressed when it comes to the subject of sex.

This inner world, as Freud and others had previously suggested, was a fiction of repressed fantasies, dreams, and visions.

The characters in Downton and in that time period are often quite reserved and their emotions are repressed.

Repressed anger is one of the key dimensions to this struggle.

But for the delinquency of his son, she had ocular demonstration; and her indignation was hardly to be repressed.

She repressed her anger at Marius's sneering interference, and made a little gesture of dismay with her eloquent white hands.

As a natural consequence her repressed but still rebellious passions diffused their poison throughout her nature.

It was as if the Dowager's voice had opened the floodgates of her sorrow and let out the tears that hitherto had been repressed.

I have seen Scotch homes where laughter is considered ill-bred, and the joyous shouts of children are repressed.


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