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This holiday season more than ever, marketers need to keep a hand firmly on the pulse of their market and opportunities.

Then, a pulse from an infrared laser heated the ice, forming liquid water under high pressure.

That pulse of volcanism may also have led to a major shift in plant life in the region.

Any time I drink any alcohol at all, my deep sleep almost completely disappears, I don’t sleep as long, my pulse rate goes up.

These pulses last less than five milliseconds but release more energy than the sun does in days or weeks.

There are no pulsing lights, no computer-generated rock music, no pictures of 007.

One nurse pushed her hip alarm and the pulsing shriek rang out again.

The bugs are so loud that stepping into the darkness feels like being surrounded by an enormous, pulsing heart.

Where there had been that tiny pulsing, there was nothing at all.

The pulsing sound from their tsokais (African rattles) and bells join the African beat blasting from a nearby silver MacBook.

She was pulsing with life, as a bird drunken with the air's sweetness sings itself into an abandonment of motion.

It was dark outside his windows, but a glow above the walls across the skyway told of the city pulsing and murmuring beyond.

As it turned upon its axis, it emitted a strange pulsing light.

He felt his arms pressing outward the fierce talons that sought to grasp him, his hands straining against the pulsing throat.

On his chest was a pulsing darkness, a black flame, a dark heart, shimmering with the indistinctness of absolute shadow.


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