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noun as in growth

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During a colonoscopy, a physician looks for and removes polyps, growths of tissue that can become cancerous.

Algae living inside the polyp appear orange or pink, while the coral’s tissues shine blue.

Center stage are the photosynthetic algae that harness the power of the sun, providing energy to their animal host, the coral polyp.

Under heat stress, corals’ algae spew toxic chemicals, prompting polyps to kick them out.

No one really understood why bleaching occurred, only that if a coral polyp remained without its algae for too long, it could starve and die.

Qatar is just a little spit of land that looks like a polyp on edge of Saudi Arabia.

Coastal construction gives them more places for their polyp stages to colonize.

A pedantic and self-important “paper architect,” Polyp goes into crisis when his marriage dissolves.

Polyp hops a Greyhound bus and lands in a small rural town, where he talks his way into a job as a car mechanic.

It is in the most beautiful azure depths of the limpid water that this hideous, voracious polyp delights.

Thus a polyp, if hard put to it, may shift what little brain and stomach happen to be in his possession.

Each several coral-individual is equivalent to a single living polyp (actinia).

The corallite is composed of carbonate of lime secreted by the polyp, and, broadly speaking, may be called a skeleton.

The polyp on the upper end continues to live and rises above the excess of solid matter.


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