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So maybe the plight of self-realization is more tangible than in previous generations, but that doesn’t mean that other generations aren’t experiencing existential anxiety.
The legislation would ease the plight of people like Ahmad Ghabboun, who was the focus of ProPublica’s article.
“I’ve met the young people at our shows and some have visited my home to share their plight,” Bailey tells Essence, noting that a percentage of ticket sales from Earth, Wind & Fire concerts are designated for the foundation.
However, with criticism of its market power mounting, and the pandemic highlighting the plight of essential workers, some groups see a bigger opportunity this year to share their concerns.
Her friends and colleagues learned of her plight from her sister’s Facebook updates.
He wanted to tap into those powers to better the museum and the plight of women.
Bradley Tusk, an early Uber investor and adviser, said the pandemic may have increased voter sensitivity to rising prices amid economic uncertainty, even if it also drove sympathy for the plight of drivers.
After a quick search online, Ghabboun realized that his plight was shared by many workers.
I have chosen to tell the story of Shemar’s remote-learning difficulties, with his family’s permission, because it was his plight that alerted me to the fact that remote learning was proving disastrous.
In my dark corner, in my comfortable chair, I could smile to myself as I watched his plight and that of his companions.


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