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Such are the Loci regarding Indistinctness in the setting out of the definition.

Another work, based on the formula of Concord, was entitled Loci communes theologici.

The uncorrected value obtained in any experiment with two loci widely separated will be smaller than the value given in the map.

Saluo tamen nobis et heredibus nostris, Regibus Anglie, libero transitu per medium Noui loci in quolibet aduentu nostro ibidem.

My remembrance of dates is also nearly entirely dependent on a clear mental vision of their loci in the diagram.

It is reasonable to assume that the vectors of these stresses were concentrated at the loci of their origin.

He makes a fourfold distribution of Loci, according as they bear upon one or other of these four.

To this general subject matter Aristotle gives the name "Topics" (τόποι, loci, communes loci).

The first of these loci is, if the matter of the definition is not prius and notius as compared with the definiend.

Grounds of proof,—in the scholastic sense of τὁποι, or loci.