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noun as in dictator

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“We never thought about the oligarchs or the dictator’s friends,” he said.

Without that source of money and power, Russia’s ability to bully and corrupt its neighbors diminishes, its gangster oligarchs have less to steal, and its economy shrinks from the size of Italy’s to the size of Switzerland’s.

From Time

To the extent they’re donating, they’ve been donating through oligarchs and firms that had been providing free vaccines almost as a free sample.

The 1990s deregulation of Russia’s energy industry, in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse, is a case in point, as it transformed a handful of apparatchiks into oligarchs.

From Fortune

Remember that Putin executed a series of moves to deprive certain oligarchs of their business interests in favor of oligarchs more favored by him.

From Fortune

When I suggest a Russian oligarch as a possible purchaser, Lobanov says, "No, where could they keep it in Russia?"

Few constituents celebrate the oligarch lifestyle of the rich and famous Congressman, supported by our hard earned tax dollars.

Enter Igor Kolomoiskiy, an imposing oligarch and the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

An oligarch opposed to Russia offers rewards for the capture of commandos occupying government buildings.

The oligarch tried to clarify things on his Facebook page: “The first $10,000 tranche is finished,” he said.

What Dickens and other romancers do probably omit from the picture of the eighteenth-century oligarch is probably his liberality.

The martial poet Tyrtaeus, and the oligarch Theognis, furnish him with happy illustrations of the two sorts of courage.

I cannot lay too great stress upon this high ethical righteousness of the whole oligarch class.

I flatter myself that I maintained my composure under the keen eye of the oligarch, but my heart was beating madly.

He was a beardless young fellow, a cadet, evidently, of some great oligarch family.


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