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noun as in a title used for a king

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The fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex had a tremendous bone-crushing bite.

Some saurischians include Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex.

One 2017 study found that lava flows in the cauldron atop Arsia Mons, another gigantic volcano, could have appeared as recently as 50 million years ago, long after the Tyrannosaurus rex died out on Earth.

In the fossils of a Tyrannosaurus rex, medullary bone can serve as a pregnancy test.

He had to find his way to Lyon, 170 miles away, and link up with a resistance leader de Gaulle had named only as Rex.

In the 24-hours before a rap battle, T-Rex likes to be alone.

If T-Rex is a rapper by which to set your watch, Daylyt is something of a controversial showman.

Going first in the final round T-Rex delivered another solid rap and assured his position as champion.

The focus showed in his performance, with T-Rex unquestionably winning all three rounds.

The most famous trail of prints has been nicknamed “Johnny Walker” by researchers and was made by a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Via, says Rex, meaning the road; communis is common; omnibus to all, meaning thereby—but perchance I weary you?

Imo, rex augustissime—biennium fere apud lugdunenses Moratus sum.

One of Friedrich Rex's worst adventures was his latest; commenced some five or six years ago , and now not far from terminating.

The imaginary spectacle of Rex en route to the pound nearly unnerved Katherine, but she felt that she must be severe.

Miss Bryant scolded Rex until his head and tail drooped with shame, and relentlessly kept him at heel all the way home.


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