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This study now also shows that in some species, females compete to pass on their genes, but through offspring survival instead of by vying for opportunities to mate.
In the offspring phase, animal reproduction is controlled by the role of a die.
These surrogate sires, equipped with sperm from prize bulls, would then be released into range herds that are often genetically isolated and difficult to access, and the premium genes would then be transmitted to their offspring.
That’s not good news for the offspring or the parents, although it can lead to benefits for the whole species since deleterious mutations get quickly pruned away.
The offspring of centenarians also have lower chances of age-related diseases and exhibit a more “youthful” profile of metabolism and age-related inflammation than others of the same age and gender.
Female offspring receive an equal genetic contribution from their father’s sperm, including all the non-sex chromosomes and another X chromosome.
Coupled with significant ethical conversations necessary for progress, CRISPR will soon provide us the tools to eliminate diseases, create hardier offspring, produce new environmentally resistant crops, and even wipe out pathogens.
In actual fact, only female offspring receive an equal mix of genetic material from both parents.
Individuals with variations that allow them to obtain more resources are likely to produce more offspring like themselves.
By splitting, melting and growing three times, they made eight great-grandkid bricks from offspring of the original microbes.


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