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These researchers would like to see neural data given the same protections.

That viewpoint has found purchase in Chile, which is now considering whether to classify neural data with new protections that would not allow companies to get at it.

When the scientists artificially slowed the young mice’s neural development, they were more likely to remember their way through the maze.

So with a direct neural interface, we increase it by a huge magnitude, and also spend longer time with a higher magnitude of processing because of this.

Usually, a neural network’s parameters are locked into place after training, and the algorithm’s put to work.

The researchers first isolated a set of cells known as neural stem cells (NSCs) from the brains of rats.

“When you do things in the world, you lay down new neural pathways,” says Dr. Dennis.

As he put it: “Any neural nets we can simulate now are incredibly small compared to any kind of animal brain you can imagine.”

Maybe someday we'll have a financial system like some sort of neural network, that can make geography not matter.

Millions of tweets, texts, emails, and phone calls have one thing in common: they are neural signals in the global brain.

A stimulus sets up a brief neural volley lasting about a hundredth of a second.

This is a characteristic of psychological and neural causation.

A long second ticked by, while Forrester tried to apply even more neural pressure.

Then, as the blue sheet of neural energy flickered into being, Forrester slumped in sudden relief.

Misuse of a neural power machine, for one—and the domination and enslavement of a less advanced intelligent culture for another.


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