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verb as in digress

verb as in mumble

verb as in wander

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Example Sentences

This one has a lot of maundering about fate and free will, which I can do without.

And while they maunder along they stifle the forces of life which are trying to break through.

On this point Maunder adds:—“If this be a mere chance coincidence, it seems to me a most extraordinary one.”

Though of course—Oh, how one does maunder on and to think, to think of the people who are really poor.

Apian continued to maunder over the Ptolemaic theory and astrology in his lecture-room.

Maunder regarded his results as demonstrating that magnetic disturbances originate in the sun.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for maunder?

Maunder can mean to talk aimlessly or meaninglessly, as in I maundered for a minute until I regained my train of thought.

It can also mean to move or act aimlessly. This sense can be literal, as in Don’t maunder through the market—watch where you’re going, or figuratively, as in Don’t just maunder through life—have a plan! Either way, it suggests directionlessness.

Words that mean to talk aimlessly or meaninglessly include babble, ramble, prattle, prate, jabber, blather, and digress.

Words that mean to move aimlessly include meander, wander, and drift.

Some synonyms are appropriate for both senses of maunder, including meander and ramble.

Where does maunder come from?

The origin of the word maunder isn’t certain. It may come from an obsolete word meaning “to beg,” from the Latin mendīcāre. The first records of its use in English come from the early 1600s.

How do you use maunder in a sentence?

The sense of maunder meaning to talk aimlessly is more common than its movement sense, but neither one is commonly used.

Here are some examples of maunder in a sentence:

  • Their favorite hobby was to maunder through the countryside until they got lost.
  • Thomas maundered on about Bigfoot and radio waves until something distracted him.
  • You don’t want to maunder through college, but you do want to allow yourself some time to discover what you’re interested in.

On this page you'll find 27 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to maunder, such as: deviate, drift, ramble, roam, stray, and wander.

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