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Zapata, the company behind the software, envisions that it will also be used to help companies in other industries build better batteries for electric vehicles, optimize logistics routes and supply chains, and find new pharmaceuticals.

Sophisticated word association is also invaluable for logistics operators.

How to make A.I. smarterjonathanvanian2015September 21, 2020Fortune

E-commerce demand is set to be so high that logistics companies may impose delivery surcharges.

The company went from dozens of warehouses to hundreds, backed up by long-haul trailers, tens of thousands of Amazon-branded delivery vans and an air-cargo fleet — a logistics empire that is now among the largest in the world.

Patel Rios suggests brands should consider an agency that not only demonstrates that they’re highly adaptable, but can manage both the operational logistics side and the advertising side, as one will closely impact the other.

We combine a full-stack health care provider with a tech-enabled logistics platform, driving a cost and quality value proposition to patients, their care providers and insurers, and tying it together with personalized service.

Through it funneled the problems involved in the logistics of the thing.

RevolutionDallas McCord Reynolds

Other specialized plans (training, intelligence, logistics, etc.) may be needed.

Sound Military DecisionU.s. Naval War College

Logistics comprises the means and arrangements which work out the plans of strategy and tactics.

The Art of WarBaron Henri de Jomini

The logistics problem may be so difficult as to cause rejection of a course of action involving distant operations.

Sound Military DecisionU.s. Naval War College


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.