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What is another word for live up to?

The verb phrase live up to is used in the context of standards and expectations. To live up to a standard or expectation is to meet it, match it, or measure up to it. This means your real-life actions have conformed to what was expected or required.

If you live up to your end of the bargain, you carry out or fulfill your duty or responsibility.

What is the opposite (antonym) of live up to?

The phrase live up to can be used in negative constructions, as in That restaurant didn’t live up to the hype. To not live up to a standard or expectation is to fail to meet it or match it—to fall short of it.

How do you use live up to in a sentence?

We usually use live up to in the context of expectations.

Here are some examples of live up to in a sentence:

  • She has really lived up to her mother’s cycling legacy—and it looks like she may surpass it.
  • I lived up to my side of the deal, so now it’s time for you to pay up.
  • Based on the reviews, the new model didn’t live up to expectations for many customers.

On this page you'll find 355 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to live up to, such as: manage, control, direct, act correctly, act one's age, and act with decorum.

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