Synonyms for kippered

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"Kippered or mouldy or pickled, I will smoke one of them on the day you return," said he.

Bismarck herring, or kippered herring, acts in the same way.

They had tea about six, and ate, each of them, a kippered herring and some watercress.

I don't grow old any more than you do inside, in spite of my raddled, kippered face, and bones sticking out like hat-pegs.

He sat up to the table; he drank two cups of tea out of the chipped enamel mug, and then he set to work on his kippered herring.

Oh, she 's saying that supper is ready, and the kippered salmon getting cold, as if any one cared!

I ate a puffin by way of experiment, and found it tasted like a kippered herring, with a flavour of the dog-fish.

So our tins of camp pie and kippered herring and ox tongue remained unopened and we lived as we never had before.

At eight she has more tea, and generally a kippered herring, or a bit of cold mutton left from the noon dinner.

You never saw such a one, Sandy, my boy; she'll make you sing small with one look; she'll wither you up into a kippered herring!


Old English cypera "male salmon," perhaps related to coper "reddish-brown metal" (see copper), on resemblance of color. Another theory connects it to kip, name for the sharp, hooked lower jaw of the male salmon in breeding season, from Middle English kippen "to snatch, tug, pull." The modern word usually refers to kippered herring, from a verb meaning "to cure a fish by cleaning, salting, and spicing it" (early 14c.). The theory is that this originally was done to salmon, hence the name.



adjectivetreated with smoke
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