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The bank has been suffering from costs associated with a regulatory crackdown over its unethical sales practices, and the Fed has imposed strict limits on its growth.

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The governor has relied on contact tracing data and other information to guide which restrictions to impose.

The key idea that Best starts with is what’s known as the principle of training specificity, which basically says that your body adapts to get better at handling whatever stresses you impose on it.

The death sentences before the court, he wrote, “were imposed for heinous federal crimes committed more than 20 years ago” and family members of the 16-year-old victim, he said, were waiting in Terre Haute to witness the execution.

The settlement includes the city taking responsibility for a civil judgment Burley owes to Davis’s family that was imposed in 2014 and has since grown with interest as it went unpaid.

The penalty is only rarely imposed, as members often resign before they can be voted out of Congress.

Both state and federal rulings have imposed additional punishments on women by dint of the fact they were pregnant.

Padre Goyo got back to Mexico in May from a three-month hiatus that he called a self-imposed exile in Europe.

Her wealthy family imposed its own monetary and social punishment for stepping outside the sorority.

A nighttime curfew that was imposed a few weeks ago seems barely enforced now—no doubt to the relief of the women at the Ramada.

It was he who deserved punishment—not the sufferer with his calamities imposed upon him by his erring sire.

If the owner has imposed no terms on him, then he has the implied authority usually existing in such cases.

It was out of the question that he should return to the Residency before he began his self-imposed mission.

Immediately after the passing of the Act of 1888 the railway companies vigorously attacked the work imposed upon them.

However that may be, the Government have imposed upon the Irish railways a burden of working expenses which they cannot bear.


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