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noun as in symbol or representation

noun as in a holy image

Strongest match

Weak match

noun as in admired person

noun as in embodiment of cultural idea

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Example Sentences

There are certain icons and phrases that have made their way in the public awareness that people really resonate with.

From Vox

With industry icons who’d previously eliminated tips, like Danny Meyer, reintroducing them in the pandemic to give hard-hit employees more cash, pay equity seems a moving goalpost — but one that arguably more people are aware of than before.

From Eater

After her release in 2010, she became an icon of human rights, mentioned in the same breath as Gandhi or Mandela.

From Time

DeepFuckingValue, the Reddit trading icon, was still up 2,800% yesterday.

Suu Kyi, former democracy icon, defends Myanmar against genocide allegations

This penchant for medical internationalism goes back to the greatest icon of the revolution, Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Sxities icon Eugene McCarthy spent his final years warning about the negative impact of unfettered immigration.

Padre Goyo, with his clerical collar and his bulletproof vest, is an icon for those fighting drugs and corruption.

The family remain close to the democracy icon, who earlier this month sent a letter of condolences to Than Dar.

Three days after that, the author of the original Rollins piece published a defense of his skewering of the sax icon.

In front of the icon the Gentiles said their prayers, on their knees, crossing themselves all the time.

A so-called "fourth part," with the title of Icon Animorum, appeared in 1614.

Thus might a devout Russian have greeted a lost icon, and worshipped, silently, a re-found saint.

Then the wildest Nistinare seizes the icon, turns it to the crowd, and with naked feet climbs the pyre of glowing embers.

Synonym′icon, a dictionary of synonymous words; Synonym′ics, synonymy.


On this page you'll find 40 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to icon, such as: sign, figure, picture, representation, symbol, and likeness.

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