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You can just as well get into the hundred million class as not, and I know it.

But unless he did something a hundred lives perhaps might be lost.

You wouldn't think it was a hundred yards back from the track, would you?

There is not more than one chance in a hundred of its reaching its destination.

His name was Cup and he too had inherited his land from a hundred other Cups who had gone before.

There must have been a hundred camped here about a week ago.

And she had died in agony, so that she, Harriett, might keep her hundred pounds.

There was one chance for her in a hundred if they had Sir James Pargeter: one chance.

Just because it would be so difficult to raise the hundred pounds she urged it.

A hundred doubts and fears were pressing upon him, and—the second bell rang.


Old English hundred "the number of 100, a counting of 100," from West Germanic *hundrath (cf. Old Norse hundrað, German hundert); first element is Proto-Germanic *hundam "hundred" (cf. Gothic hund, Old High German hunt), from PIE *km-tom "hundred," reduced from *dkm-tom- (cf. Sanskrit satam, Avestan satem, Greek hekaton, Latin centum, Lithuanian simtas, Old Church Slavonic suto, Old Irish cet, Breton kant "hundred"), from *dekm- "ten" (see ten).

Second element is Proto-Germanic *rath "reckoning, number" (cf. Gothic raþjo "a reckoning, account, number," garaþjan "to count;" see read (v.)). The common word for the number in Old English was simple hund, and Old English also used hund-teontig.

Meaning "division of a county or shire with its own court" (still in some British place names and U.S. state of Delaware) was in Old English and probably represents 100 hides of land. The Hundred Years War (which ran intermittently from 1337 to 1453) was first so called in 1874. The original Hundred Days was the period between Napoleon's restoration and his final abdication in 1815.



nounlarge group; a great number
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