Thesaurus / ha ha


And yet, Helen—ha—ha—ha, he's a stalwart old rogue still, and must have been a devil of a tyke when he was young.

Willy ReillyWilliam Carleton

In each case, the ha ha's must be made without laughing, which is almost an impossibility.

It began with gusty blowings and snortings, and opened into a clear "Ha ha!"

Tono BungayH. G. Wells

Ha ha, my fragile Yon, the great red death—is not for you—not for perfumed little Yon's.

The Way of the GodsJohn Luther Long

Like the war-horse of Job (the prophet and afflicted man) he stamped with his foot and said among the captains "ha ha!"

"Ha—ha—-prenez garde—my tiger-cat has kittens," he laughed; and he looked over his shoulder.

Ha—ha—ha—by my sowl we did, and more maybe, if it was known; I must be off now.

Then it would all have come out about our being there, and—ha—ha—ha!

In Honour's CauseGeorge Manville Fenn

And there was a delicious child in a winding-sheet; brown curls, laughing eyes and little mouth; ha ha!

ThelmaMarie Corelli

As soon as they arrive near any village they shout again the ha ha.

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