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noun as in bomb

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Initially Special Operator Josh Vriens, a SEAL sniper, thought the display of firepower “looked cool,” Philipps writes, “but as they continued to launch grenades over the river it dawned on him that it was also incredibly stupid.”

It is capable of producing big, booming sounds like grenades going off with incredible detail and texture.

With hands held overhead, the Marine waits for the grenade to spin up, and then releases it into the air.

The reasoning is that it’s preferable for a Jaguar to risk taking a hit from a rocket-propelled grenade or anti-material rifle than a human soldier.

“I would say the grenade that is being thrown right now is being thrown at small businesses,” she said.

Cops launched a flash grenade through the window and officer Joseph Weekley fired, fatally striking Stanley-Jones.

The authorities were trying to arrest another man suspected of throwing a stun grenade when Hamdan attacked.

His companions—one a woman—urge him to let loose with a rocket-propelled grenade and he fires.

In any event, for the Kudo-kai, the police arrest of their top dog is expected to have the impact of a well-thrown hand grenade.

We could say we were approached by a local bad guy with a grenade in his hand.

Tam had a tray of bombs under the fuselage—something in destructive quality between a Mills grenade and a three-inch shell.

When I said this, I turned to jab a claw at the other priests, using the motion to cover my flicking a coin grenade toward them.

In this sector life in the trenches was made more uncertain than ever by the introduction of the rifle grenade by the Germans.

A Divisional grenade school was formed, at which 13 officers and 260 other ranks were put through a course every week.

From the trials made we could not notice any appreciable superiority over the salt solution as used in the Harden grenade.


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