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The grander the whole idea, the more likely is it to be what it claims to be!

Nothing in the world can be grander; it is Paris herself, glorious in the sunlight.

Grander and more imposing displays I have indeed often witnessed.

There were higher crimes they might attain to, and grander interests they might subserve.

So this was the free atmosphere, the grander Judaism he had yearned for.

Why was it that Miss Barrington, on that evening, was grander and statelier than ever?

The grander the nature the greater its pliability towards truth.

Nature seemed larger and deeper and grander to her ever after.

Piang, no dato can boast of a grander court than Ganassi, eh?

In some mysterious way the picture seems to me to be grander than the original.


late 14c., grant "large, big" (early 12c. in surnames), from Anglo-French graunt and directly from Old French grant, grand (10c.) "large, tall; grown-up; great, powerful, important; strict, severe; extensive; numerous," from Latin grandis "big, great; full, abundant," also "full-grown;" figuratively "strong, powerful, weighty, severe" (perhaps cognate with Greek brenthyomai "to swagger, be haughty"). It supplanted magnus in Romanic languages; in English with a special sense of "imposing." The connotations of "noble, sublime, lofty, dignified," etc., were in Latin. As a general term of admiration, "magnificent, splendid," from 1816. Related: Grander; grandest.

The use of grand- in compounds, with the sense of "a generation older than, or younger than," is first attested c.1200, in Anglo-French graund dame "grandmother." Latin and Greek had similar usages.

Grand jury is late 15c. Grand piano from 1797. The grand tour of the principal sites of continental Europe, as part of a gentleman's education, is attested by that name from 1660s. The Grand Canyon was so called 1871 by Maj. John Wesley Powell, scientific adventurer, who explored it; earlier it had been known as Big Canyon.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.