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I think the PRO Act, of course, is very much needed legislation, because our labor laws are so broken in this country that it takes an act of absolute heroism to stand up and face down Goliath.

From Time

For our cover story, labor reporter Kim Kelly traveled to Bessemer to meet with workers to understand why this spiritual Southern town is the first to get this far in its organizing effort — a battle that the e-commerce Goliath is fighting mightily.

From Vox

In China, an e-commerce David is gradually overtaking the country’s Goliath.

From Quartz

Scholars continue to debate whether David and Goliath were real people who met in battle around that time.

Gath reached its peak during the Iron Age around 3,000 years ago, the time of biblical references to Goliath.

Noble as the Catambrone family efforts are, they are like David to a Goliath-sized problem that is about to get much worse.

After topping Chestnut numerous times this season, and based on his early pace it looks like David might actually trump Goliath.

Wilt Chamberlain once pointed out that “nobody loves Goliath,” as an excuse for his enduring unpopularity.

This is what the Magic and the NBA are counting on—a Goliath everyone can love.

He was wrong, of course, even scripturally: the Philistines loved Goliath.

The Goliath wouldn't answer; the Dublin said the force was coming off, and we could not get into touch with the soldiers at all.

Then, with one accord, they all rose and began to steer their way around the furniture toward the hall, Goliath following.

We have men enough, and good men too, but we are short of pebbles for Goliath of Achi Baba.

And was it not in imitation of some such practices, as that which he attempted, that Goliath cursed David by his gods?

God sends us at this crisis the shepherd David and his sling to do battle with Goliath of Guise.


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