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freaked out

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  • verblose control
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Synonyms for freaked out

verb lose control
  • go crazy
  • lose it
  • blow a gasket
  • blow one's mind
  • blow one's stack
  • blow one's top
  • break down
  • come unglued
  • crack up
  • flip one's lid
  • flip out
  • fly off the handle
  • go ape
  • go ballistic
  • go bananas
  • go berserk
  • go haywire
  • go nuts
  • go off the deep end
  • hit the ceiling
  • lose control of oneself
  • lose one's composure
  • lose one's cool
  • lose one's mind
  • lose one's temper
  • wig out
  • work oneself up

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adjective. mentally strange


adjective. distressed, distracted
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