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adjective as in blowing

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He moved the runoff absentee ballot request to a small check box on the flap, along with other less critical parts that nonetheless are required by law, such as that felony line.

Flatten the fortune teller so the triangular flaps are on top.

For the winter, they are exploring heat lamps and covered tents with flaps — though that risks at least partly defeating the biggest benefit of outdoor dining, creating a semi-closed space.

From Ozy

The “butterfly effect” refers, of course, to chaos theory and a 1972 talk, from Edward Lorenz, on whether the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas.

The design features a small flap on each side to hold the filter, which sits next to your face and is prone to bunching, especially when you pull the mask down for a drink.

The figure enters the elevator and is then seen quickly leaving the mall, black cloth flapping behind it.

Or maybe we just need one of those bogus “alien invasions” that Paul Krugman is always flapping his gums about.

Figures in white robes, like night-shirts, flickered through the blue gloom, slippers flapping from heels.

Jar Jar Binks: "a wrist-flapping, deer-faced twit of an alien with the voice of a Jamaican drag-queen."

Wingnuts were flapping their wings when far-left liberals got all misty-eyed talking about “Uncle Joe” Stalin.

But, later, he grew afraid of the shadows of window-curtains and the flapping of doors and the creaking of shutters.

The regular Korean man's hat, with its flapping wings, was next put on, and this part of the ceremony was complete.

She felt her sails flapping about her, but none the less was she determined to reach her goal if she had to get out and swim.

There's Raphael singing, Gabriel accompanying him on the harp, and all the angels flapping their wings to express their joy.

The whole ceiling was covered with glow-worms and light-blue bats that were flapping their thin wings.


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